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The simple, reliable and flexible automation platform

No code, no technical skills required. In just a few clicks, create powerful workflows to save time and focus on high value-added tasks.

Intuitive handling of the automation configurator allows you to create automation in a matter of minutes.


Automation updates are automatic and you can consult the errors to correct them quickly.


Automation models are available and can be easily modified for more flexibility.

Our objective: to make you more agile
to develop your business

The Blendeez platform has been designed to make you more efficient.

Connect all your applications in minutes

The Blendeez platform allows you to easily authenticate to your applications, administer access rights to different users and manage different environments (production, sandbox...).


Automate all your repetitive tasks

The configurator offers a library of connector, trigger event, operation and field mapping, all in an easy to use interface.

Easily maintain all of your automations

The administrator area gives you real-time access to automated workflows and data, as well as to the error log to easily adapt and correct your work.

More than 30 software available

Pre-built connectors, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Pipedrive, etc., allow you to automate your work with the rest of your software with just a few clicks.
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"I managed to get the tool up and running easily enough to automate a weekly customer dunning sequence."
Amaury Montmoreau,
CEO AJ stage
"Simple and intuitive, really great!"
Maxime Comi,
CEO Funbreak

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