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Share useful information and updates with your sales people to gain more business opportunities.

Our objective: to enable you to
develop your turnover

Execute the most complex automation scenarios without a line of code
Execution of the sale

Take back control of your sales closings by removing all the friction that could make you lose time: administration of the contract, the order form, the delivery note and all other parts necessary for the execution of the sale.

360° vision of the customer

Connect all of your customer data sources (billing, delivery, crm, customer service...) to offer a seamless experience, a guarantee of quality to maximize satisfaction and develop turnover serenely.

Response to calls for tenders

Connect your CRM, engineering (Autocad...), and ERP tools to consult product availability in real time, facilitate costing, and avoid back-and-forth between different teams.

Streamlining the sales process

Simplify approval requests, contract renewals, and all actions that can save time for the "Sales Administration" teams (calculation of commissions, commercial conditions...).

Automate your sales

Become an expert in sales automation

Consult publications dedicated to sales to better manage your tools and learn best practices.

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No-code: Gain more deals through trade pipeline automation

Explained no-code automation for sales becomes a powerful ally in achieving business goals fast

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"For each sale, we had to manually manage the different VAT rates applicable according to the products sold: errors and repeated losses of time were our daily routine. We now have automated processes to apply the correct VAT levels so we can close our sales more quickly."
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Quentin Dagault
Operations Manager

More than 30 software available

Pre-built connectors, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Pipedrive, etc., allow you to automate your work with the rest of your software with just a few clicks.
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