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Automate your operations to reduce costs

Ensure a good after-sales follow-up to maximize customer satisfaction and guarantee a seamless experience

Our goal: to enable you to
streamline all your processes

Execute the most complex automation scenarios without a line of code
Onboarding of clients and partners

Train and integrate your customers in dedicated paths and maximize product adoption in record time

Opening a customer account

Ensure synchronization on all your software (ERP, CRM, Invoicing...) to open an account in a few seconds without any manual input, source of errors and loss of time.

Customer Service and Delivery Tracking 2.0

Connect the tools necessary to execute the order, reduce the time to make your product/service available, and reduce the number of tickets open with your support teams.

Multi-channel customer satisfaction measurement

Facilitate the collection and analysis of your satisfaction surveys across all channels to continuously improve the customer experience

Automate your operations

Become an expert in operations automation

Consult publications dedicated to operations to better manage your tools and learn best practices.

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No-code: Maximizing productivity through automation of internal operations

Automation is a formidable weapon for increasing operational efficiency.

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"We wanted to offer a multi-channel support service but it was difficult to manage all the channels (email, bot, messages, phones...) in a single workflow. The integration of an intelligent knowledge base in a few clicks via Blendeez allowed us to better meet our customers' expectations".
Frédéric Cosson
PO Acquisition & Customer Relationship

More than 30 software available

Pre-built connectors, including Jira, Trello, SAP, and Monday, allow you to automate your work with the rest of your software with just a few clicks.
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