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Ensure a good financial follow-up to guarantee the good global performance of the company in all circumstances.

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Execute the most complex automation scenarios without a line of code
Automatic Billing

Since the signature of the contract and the purchase order, automatically create invoices by respecting the specific applicable conditions.

Multi-channel recovery management

Set up reminders through all channels (email, commercial notifications, customer service, SMS...) to get paid on time and improve your cash management.

Preparation of the accounting closing

Collect and group together all supplier/customer invoices to facilitate the preparation of your accounting system.

Simplified financial reporting

Connect all of your data sources (invoicing, delivery, crm, ERP...) to prepare a clear report

Automate your finance

Become an expert in the automation of your finances

Consult publications dedicated to finance to better manage your tools and learn best practices.

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No-code: Maximizing productivity through automation of internal operations

Automation is a formidable weapon for increasing operational efficiency.

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"Billing management was very time-consuming. At the end of each month, we had to manually enter the different commercial conditions on the invoices. We have automated this entire workflow, reducing the time it takes to invoice from one day a week to one hour a month."
Amélie Weck Fortin
Accounting Manager

More than 30 software available

Pre-built connectors, including Quickbooks and Xero, allow you to automate your work with the rest of your software with just a few clicks.
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