Digital transformation of Funbreak


How did the number one student travel agency support its growth by automating its processes with the Blendeez platform?

About Funbreak

A privileged partner of the student associations of the most prestigious schools, this SME with a team of 8 people organises tailor-made stays and services.

About Blendeez

Blendeez is a SaaS automation platform that allows business teams to create workflows between software without a line of code.

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Funbreak has undergone a digital transformation, replacing its specialist ERP with more agile solutions and automating time-consuming tasks to make its teams more productive.

✓ Why start a digital transformation
✓ Stages and choice of tools
✓ Business process automation
✓ Why choose Blendeez
Less friction between departments
Saves time for the teams
Seamless customer experience

Funbreak has automated its processes, why not you?

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