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No-code: Boosting acquisition through funnel marketing automation

Automation is now a real obligation for marketing teams. This article presents the fields of application of automation in marketing.

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Which workflows should be automated with your CRM software? 

Discover examples of workflows you can automate with your CRM software to improve your business processes and use the full power of your CRM tool. 

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How to choose and deploy your CRM tool for your business strategy?

Choosing a Customer Relationship Management tool is a key decision for your business strategy. We give you all the keys to maximize your chances of success in your CRM project.

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Why invest in a CRM tool for your business strategy?

What is a customer relationship management tool and what are its benefits? Decipher the signs that you need to make a digital shift and invest in a CRM tool.

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10 examples of effective scenarios to automate your sales tunnel

The best workflows to automate in order to optimize its transformation rate at each stage of the sales tunnel, from acquisition to loyalty.

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What are the challenges of interoperability in 2021?

From the digitisation of the customer journey to the complexity of information systems, interoperability is at the heart of the digital transformation of companies.

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The Automation Dictionary for Dummies

Orchestration, APIs, workflows... What do these words mean? All the definitions are in this little lexicon of automation from A to Z.

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