The Ultimate Guide to Automation

Increase productivity.

Automate your business processes without a line of code and gain operational efficiency! From Marketing to Sales to Operations, focus on the essentials. 

Marketing Teams

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Improve the effectiveness of your marketing actions to obtain a better acquisition and generate recurring growth

  • Enrichment and correction of prospect databases
  • Scoring and assigning prospects to sales people
  • Deduplication between your Marketing and CRM
  • Automated multi-channel prospecting sequence
Sales Teams

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Share information and updates with your sales people to gain more business opportunities.

  • Contracts preparation, commercial proposals and purchase orders
  • Creation of the 360° vision of the customer from several data sources
  • Collection of information in the context of calls for tenders
  • Approval Process for Terms and Conditions of Trade
Operations teams

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Ensure a good after-sales follow-up to maximize customer satisfaction and guarantee a seamless experience

  • Automated onboarding of new customers and partners
  • Opening a customer account in the different software (ERP, CRM...)
  • Customer service synchronization and CRM software
  • Delivery tracking and the product start
Finance Teams

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Ensure a good financial follow-up to guarantee the good global performance of the company in all circumstances.

  • Automatic invoicing based on contract and order form information
  • Overlay management with multi-channel recall sequences
  • Synchronisation of billing, ERP and CRM software
  • Preparation of the monthly accounting closing

Blendeez is the
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Blendeez automates low-value tasks that you manage manually. Available 24/7, Blendeez works for your business even when you're asleep

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Automate your business so you can focus on the essential

  • Improving operational efficiency

    The assurance of having reliable business processes allows you to optimize the use of your company's resources (human, software, etc.).

  • Cost reduction

    You improve team productivity by relieving them of low-value, often time-consuming and repetitive tasks

    Improvement in turnover

    The time freed up allows you to concentrate your teams on the development of your business and high value-added tasks

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What our customers say

We support SMEs and TSEs in their digital transformation, providing them with a tool capable of quickly automating their business processes in line with the customer journey.
Lucas Tighilt, CRM Manager
Lucas Tighilt
CRM Manager
"Blendeez has become a central tool for our company. It facilitates the organization of our operational teams and saves us a phenomenal amount of time in execution."
Quentin Dagault, Chief Digital Officer
"For a very small team like ours, we have a Swiss Army knife that allows us to get the job done quickly and improve customer relations."
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Quentin Dagault
Operations Manager

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